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We offer dance lessons for children of all ages in the Weddington area.

Dance Lessons, Weddington, NCTaking dance lessons is a great way for children to improve their flexibility, exercise, express themselves, and make friends. If you’re looking for a place for your child to take dance lessons at in the Weddington, North Carolina area, you’re going to love what we have to offer at Carolina Dance Capital. Our family-focused dance studio offers many types of dance classes for children as young as age two.

At our studio, some of the dance classes we teach include ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and many others. This way, whether your child has an interest in learning classical ballet skills or having a little bit of fun in a hip hop class, you’ll find the perfect class for them at our studio.

Before you sign up your child for any dance classes at our studio, we’d be more than happy to give you a tour. When you arrive, you’ll find that our waiting areas are spacious and great for watching your child in class and that our studio exudes an atmosphere of friendliness and fun. While we do offer competitive dance programs in addition to our standard dance lessons, our goal is to make sure every dancer has a great experience with us.

We can’t wait to have you join our dance family when you sign your child up for dance lessons at our studio! Contact us at Carolina Dance Capital today for more information about our class schedule, our tuition rates, and all that our studio has to offer our dancers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dance Lessons

Here at Carolina Dance Capital, we love everything about the art of dance, and that’s why we offer various types of classes for all different kinds of dancers. We have many people ask questions about our dance lessons, so we hope that this section will help to address some of the most frequently asked questions we get.

When can my child start taking dance lessons?

We love working with children and start our lessons as early as age 2! Children at this age dance naturally and easily, making our dance lessons fun from the beginning. The exception is our lyrical dance class, which requires a minimum age of 9.

Do you have adult dance lessons?

Yes! We know that many adults are interested in dancing, too, so we currently offer tap and jazz adult dance lessons.

Do you offer any competitive dance groups as part of your studio?

Yes. We offer competitive groups for our younger dancers only. There are no competitive groups available for adult dancers.

What is appropriate attire for dance lessons?

Please check out our “What to Wear” page here.

Can we take a tour of the studio?

Yes. We would be happy to schedule a tour for you where you can see the facilities and learn more information from one of our skilled instructors.

If you have additional questions about our dance lessons or would like more information on one of the questions listed here, please contact us today. We would love to discuss dance lessons more with you!

At Carolina Dance Capital, our dance lessons are available to students from Charlotte, Matthews, Weddington, Waxhaw, Gastonia, and Pineville, North Carolina, as well as Fort Mill and Rock Hill, South Carolina.


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