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Our competitive dancers in Charlotte, NC learn under talented instructors who have their best interests at heart.

Carolina Dance Capital competes at the top level. Each of our competitive dancers is trained to be a well-rounded and successful dancer. We do this with regular ballet and technique classes to give our competitive dancers the continual skills they need to succeed at a competitive dance level.

Competition Program

Our competitive dancers take classes in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and hip-hop, as well as stretch, acro and leaps & turns classes. Our instructors have over 100 years of combined dance instruction experience, and we offer our students a chance to develop their skills and compete at a level that will push them to perform at their best. Our competitive dance teams are chosen and categorized based on average age and skill. This allows our students to compete with teams that will encourage them to continue to grow and develop as a dancer in a group that fits them perfectly. Try-outs to join a competitive team are held each summer during the month of August. We always offer solos, duets, and trios to those who are interested because we believe students should have the opportunity to grow.

Our competitive dancers learn under talented instructors who have their best interests at heart. We want each of our dancers to be successful, and we push them in a way that we believe promotes this. Each year, we periodically invite choreographers from outside the studio to teach master classes to afford our students a more rounded experience.

With our competitive dance program, we take pride in every student we teach. We feel they are a reflection of who we are, and we want them to be successful and feel accomplished. We promote self-worth, high self-esteem, teamwork, and high moral standards. This allows our environment to be one that is always positive and family-friendly. If your child would like to be included in our competitive dance program, contact us today for more information. We work with all dancers in the Charlotte, NC area.




Competition program informationCAROLINA DANCE CAPITAL strives to be the best of the best in all its programs. Our competitive program offers its dancers instruction and growth in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Contemporary dance.

BALLET and regular TECHNIQUE CLASSES are a vital part of what makes a dancer successful, well rounded and most importantly well trained. We are careful to match students to technique and ballet classes that are conducive to their age level and ability! Competitive dancers at CAROLINA DANCE CAPITAL age averaging 9 or higher, take regular 2 hour technique classes once a week, and ballet twice a week, as these classes are required for dancers who compete in all disciplines of dance, except for hip hop.

Students learn new combinations each week and enjoy the various styles they are exposed to as the weeks progress. This means that when a student is out of town, and comes in after the classes have been in session, they are not behind – merely responsible for knowing what they learned in classes they attended.

COMPETITION TEAMS are chosen and categorized by age averages and skill. Students are placed where they can grow, be inspired and challenged throughout the season ahead! We offer groups for all ages and levels of dance. The Competition Team offers the more serious and commited dancer more intense training and performance opportunities.

GROUP CHOROGRAPHY FEES are only paid when a choreographer from outside our studio is hired to come in and choreograph a routine for us. ANY group routine choreographed by our own award winning staff is not charged any choreography fee. Typically there is an average of only 5-6 routines per season for which we hire outside choreographers, and those students involved in these routines do so by choice.

SOLOS, DUETS AND TRIOS are offered to ALL students enrolled in our Full Competition Company program. It is our belief that dancers grow so much working on a special number as such, and we offer this to ANY dancer interested.

CAROLINA DANCE CAPITAL DIRECTORS/TEACHERS are enthusiastic and honored to do what they love as a career. We take pride in every student we teach, and feel they are all a reflection of who we are. We strive to instill self worth, high self esteem, team work and good morals in a positive family atmosphere to every child we instruct! We are readily available to discuss your interests and answer any questions you might have regarding this program.


At Carolina Dance Capital, our competitive dance program welcomes students from Charlotte, Matthews, Weddington, Waxhaw, Gastonia, and Pineville, North Carolina, as well as Fort Mill and Rock Hill, South Carolina.