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The adult dance classes we offer include ballet, tap, jazz, and ballet barre/conditioning.

Adult Dance Classes in Fort Mill, South Carolina
At Carolina Dance Capital, we have worked hard to create a fun and high energy place to learn more about dance. Not only do we provide state of the art facilities and dance instruction for children and teenagers, we also offer adult dance classes. Although the range of class options isn’t quite as extensive, the adult dance classes we offer include ballet, tap, jazz, and ballet barre/conditioning.

If you live in the Fort Mill, South Carolina area, and have interest in enrolling in a dance studio, you will love any of the classes you choose to participate in at our studio. Our staff is highly trained and provides focused and dedicated instruction to each of their students. We have won a variety of national awards for our facilities and for our dancers, and we take great pride in providing the best place to learn dance. As a note, we provide our adult dance classes only recreationally and do not have competitive dance for adults.

Our studio hosts workshops and master classes, in addition to our regular classes. We also try to provide a variety of classes at different times throughout the day, so that you can find the best fit for your schedule. We hope that you’ll enjoy the opportunity of touring our studio and that you’ll feel excited for your chance to come and learn dance with us. Let us know if you have any questions as you’re deciding what classes you’re most interested in. We are excited to tell you more about what we do and to have you involved in our studio.

At Carolina Dance Capital, our adult dance classes are available to students from Charlotte, Matthews, Weddington, Waxhaw, Gastonia, and Pineville, North Carolina, as well as Fort Mill and Rock Hill, South Carolina.