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Hip-hop dance classes are a great way to have fun and learn new skills near Weddington.

Hip-Hop Dance Classes in Weddington, North Carolina
One of the best things about dancing is its variety. No matter your age, skill level, or level of fitness, you can find an area of dance that will work for you in an enjoyable way. Here at Carolina Dance Capital, our job is to make our Weddington, North Carolina friends and neighbors tease out which type of dance will suit them best!

When you come to our studio, you will see that we offer types of dance classes for everyone, starting as young as age 2. A great place to start for children and adults is by participating in one of our many hip-hop classes. Hip-hop classes are a great place to launch your dancing skills because there is something for everyone! Unlike other forms of dance that have a more rigid instruction, you can start hip-hop dance classes as a beginner, no matter what your age. Children can start learning to move with a little instruction, as well as a safe and welcoming place for their blossoming creativity. Teens and adults can recall the joy of movement and fun when they take our hip-hop dance classes because our skilled instructors make our classes so enjoyable, you’ll actually enjoy breaking a sweat!

Our hip-hop dance classes here at Carolina Dance Capital can help a busy mom enjoy a night out with friends, a shy teen realize a hidden talent and gain confidence, or even engage and nurture a child’s love of exercise from a young age. We love when clients take our hip-hop dance classes because we soon see creativity through this form of freestyle dance as the class progresses, and we love to watch our clients become more confident and excited as they learn.

If you are interested in learning more about what our hip-hop dance classes entail, please contact us here at Carolina Dance Capital for more information.


At Carolina Dance Capital, our hip-hop dance classes are available to students from Charlotte, Matthews, Weddington, Waxhaw, Gastonia, and Pineville, North Carolina, as well as Fort Mill and Rock Hill, South Carolina.