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Floor gymnastics is fun, exciting, and will help your child gain impressive new skills.

Floor Gymnastics in Fort Mill, South CarolinaAre you looking for an activity for an energetic child? Have you thought about tumbling classes but don’t know where to begin? Here at Carolina Dance Capital, we offer floor gymnastics classes, where we teach tumbling and acro skills. Your child can begin classes as early as age three. They will love the active environment and learning new skills. Our class structure includes warmup, flexibility, tumbling skills, balance skills, and strengthening exercises. In order to master skills like a handstand or cartwheel, your child will need to strengthen the muscles in their arms and core especially. Our experienced instructors are trained in spotting and will help your child avoid injury. Our floor gymnastics levels include:

  • Purple (ages 3-5): In this beginning level, students will be introduced to skills and terms including backbends, forward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands.
  • Red (6+): In order to progress to this level, students must have mastered their forward roll, cartwheel, and handstand. They will begin to learn skills such as: chin & elbow stands, walkovers, cartwheel lift offs, and limbers.
  • Black (7+): To progress to this level, students must have mastered front and back walkovers, cartwheel lift offs, and front and back limbers. New skills taught in this level include back handsprings, aerials, and back tucks.

So whether you are looking for a beginning class for an energetic preschooler or hoping to fine-tune your advanced dancer’s acro skills, we have a floor gymnastics class that is just right for you. If you live in Fort Mill, South Carolina come check out our studio in Charlotte today!

At Carolina Dance Capital, our floor gymnastics classes are available to students from Charlotte, Matthews, Weddington, Waxhaw, Gastonia, and Pineville, North Carolina, as well as Fort Mill and Rock Hill, South Carolina.