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Ballet Dance ClassesDo you have a future quarterback or linebacker? Think your child might excel in volleyball or basketball? Does your child show an aptitude for track and field? Then you may want to consider ballet dance classes for your future athlete. Many parents have a hard time connecting ballet dance classes for their 3 year-old with a college athletic scholarship, but there are four important reasons dance classes before the age of five may give your child an advantage in future sports.

  • Muscle Strength- Ballet techniques require muscle strength, especially in the core and legs. Young boys and girls who develop these muscles and keep them strong through their athletic careers will be better able to improve performance and avoid injury.
  • Flexibility- Ballet barre increases flexibility in children, helping them to be more prepared physically for their chosen sports. Being flexible will help them avoid injury.
  • Body Control- Ballet dance classes help young athletes master self-awareness as they learn to isolate different parts of their body. They understand movement and control as they match their body’s movement to match technique and routine. Ballet dance classes offer the perfect stepping stone in helping young athletes understand their body and its abilities.
  • Discipline- When young children participate in dance for the first time, they learn that things don’t always come easy. It is difficult to master steps and techniques, and the learning curve they experience at this young age will prepare them for future ambitions. Sports require a lot of self-discipline – and this is a great way to understand the importance of hard work and dedication.