How Floor Gymnastics Can Enhance Your Child’s Dance Skills

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If you’ve watched the Olympics, you’ve probably noticed how gymnasts incorporate dance into their performances, especially those who participate in floor routines. What you might not have considered is how beneficial learning floor gymnastics can be for a child who is already enrolled in dance classes.

How Floor Gymnastics Can Enhance Your Child’s Dance Skills

Participating in floor gymnastics can help a dancer improve in three main areas:

  • Balance – Maintaining balance while executing difficult routines can be challenging, especially if you’re learning a new skill. Tumbling and floor gymnastics are great ways to build better balance and coordination.
  • Flexibility – Building flexibility without also building strength can lead to injury, so it’s important to develop both skills simultaneously.
  • Strength – Dance tends to focus on lower body strength, whereas floor gymnastics tends to involve the entire body. Building shoulder and arm strength can help with lifts or tricks and can help prevent head and neck injuries when learning new movements.

Developing these skills can help improve dancers’ performance and help keep them safe as they move on to execute more complex dance moves. Floor gymnastics can also help improve your child’s posture, coordination, and precision. Additionally, getting involved in floor gymnastics can help prevent burnout, allowing your child to work on developing exciting new skills outside of traditional dance moves.

Adding floor gymnastics classes to your child’s established dance lessons is a great way to add variety to their schedule and improve their strength, flexibility, and balance. At Carolina Dance Capital, we offer floor gymnastics classes for young dancers of all ability levels, taught by professionals who can personalize instruction to ensure your child is practicing safely and correctly. Contact us today to learn more about our floor gymnastics classes!