5 Benefits of Dance Lessons for Boys & Girls

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With many parents, gender norms of the past are something that they do not necessarily want to pass down to their children of today. Whether they want their girls to play football or their boys to dance, we here at Carolina Dance Capital would like parents everywhere to know that we welcome dancers of all stages, abilities and genders! There are so many benefits of signing your children (boys and girls) up for dance lessons, including some of the following:

1.   Expressive Abilities. Children have big feelings and a limited vocabulary, which makes expressing their emotions in a healthy fashion difficult. When it comes to dance, you can use your body to express an emotion, giving you an alternative outlet.

5 Benefits of Dance Lessons for Boys & Girls

2.   Gain of Self-Confidence. Performing, expressing yourself, working with others, listening to instructions and facing your fears are just a few of the things that children learn in dance lessons. When your children are able to do this in a positive environment, they gain self-confidence.

3.   Increase Focus. Learning to dance requires listening to instructions and following directions along with focusing on the movements. These skills of concentration easily transfer to other areas.

4.   Develop Physical Fitness. Dance classes are wonderful exercise- and they’re fun! This combination of fun movement helps your children to develop a love of physical fitness and activity.

5.   Release Energy. Children love to wiggle and move. Dance lessons help your child have a healthy release for this pent-up energy that children have after a long day of sitting still.

We would love to help your child find the right dance lesson for their own set of skills and needs. To learn more about the lessons we offer, ages or other questions, please contact us today.