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ballet dance studio in Charllote
When you first set eyes on your little girl, you may have imagined her dressed in pink with plenty of frilly lace and maybe even a tutu on. We almost always associate a little girl with ballet for some reason, and what is interesting to realize is that by the age of two, she really is ready to begin learning this foundational dance.

At Carolina Dance Capital, we begin ballet lessons in our ballet dance studio at the age of two and will continue with them as they either continue in ballet or move forward in other dance styles. Our ballet dance studio classes are kept very small – generally no more than eight students. This allows for one-on-one attention to maximize the learning process.

All little girls seem to love dance, particularly ballet, so if your child has been prancing around the kitchen in a pretend tutu and humming, it may be time to let them experience a real ballet experience. We provide an uplifting and positive experience, so they can enjoy learning and develop an appreciation for this classic dance and feel good about what they can accomplish.

Dance lessons are excellent for the many benefits they afford, particularly for children. The physical and mental strength and fortitude will stay with them for a lifetime. As a parent, you’ll enjoy watching your child progressively improve with each lesson at our ballet dance studio. We’re just a short drive from Weddington, North Carolina, so why not come over and see what we have to offer?