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recreational dance classesHave you thought about signing your child up for dance classes, but then had nightmares about turning into a Dance Mom? If you don’t want the pressure of competition but still want to give your child the opportunity to do what they love, then recreational dance classes are for you! Recreational dance classes are often offered at studios as an alternative to the competitive program.  Signing up for this option will allow your child the freedom to express him or herself through movement and fulfill their dreams.  Many parents have opted for recreational dance classes in lieu of the competitive program and here are some great reasons why:

  • Less stress on the parent and child.  The child doesn’t feel the pressure of competition, and the entire family can benefit from the fewer demands that the schedule of a recreational dancer presents compared with the competitive program. Recreational programs are also usually kinder on the wallet.
  • Develop confidence as a dancer.  Recreational dance classes are great for new dancers.  They provide a safe environment for the dancer to learn and grow and make mistakes without worrying about the pressure of making a team or winning a prize.  The teacher can help each student individually to grow and develop personal skill levels and gain confidence in dance.