Dancing isn’t Just for Girls

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When asked to picture a dancer, many of us might have an image in our mind of a ballerina like the ones you see spinning in a music box. What we often forget is that many of the greatest dancers are men. Across centuries and cultures, men and boys have been dancing and that continues today. When you go to a Broadway play, watch a popular music video, or attend a professional ballet, you will see the incredible dance skills of both men and women. When considering how to keep your boy active and gain valuable skills, there are many reasons to consider dancing. Here are some key benefits from dancing for boys and girls alike:

  • Physical fitness: Dancing takes endurance and strength. The discipline and muscular development that can be gained from dancing will benefit your child in both improving their dance skills as well as when they try other physical activities.
  • Gross motor skills: Starting dance at an early age can help your child learn skills such as coordination and balance.
  • Focus: Kids are becoming increasingly distractible and inattentive. Dancing requires them to focus in on what their instructor says and then put it into action over and over again until they reach proficiency.
  • Self-expression and fulfilment: Dancing is a great way to express your emotions and to experience the fulfilment that comes from hard work and dedication.

At Carolina Dance Capital, our dance classes are open to boys and girls. We offer a variety of classes for different interests, from ballet to hip-hop. Bring your child in to learn more about the various classes and what might be the best fit for them.