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When you are on the hunt for a dance studio, you might be wondering how you can find a dance studio that will meet your needs as well as provide you with quality instruction. At Carolina Dance Capital, we have been helping people get an excellent education in dance since 2005 and would love to share our tips with you for finding a dance studio. Consider some of the following:

  • Find a studio that hosts a variety of classes- When you are looking for a dance studio, find one that does more than just ballet or jazz, but a variety of dance styles! That way, if your prima ballerina wants to transfer to hip hop, you won’t have to find a different dance studio.
  • Look at studios that work with all ages- When you find a dance studio that you love, it is important that you work with a studio that teaches more than one age level. This allows your child to pick up a new hobby and learn no matter their age.

Consider These Things When Selecting a Dance Studio [infographic]

  • Consider the skill levels available- Your dance studio should help your child progress in skill as well as age. Find a dance studio that notes a child’s skill level and challenges them accordingly.
  • Note how the instructors teach- Ask a dance studio if you can observe a class or two before signing up. This will help you note instruction styles and methods to find a great student/teacher fit.
  • Pay attention to class sizes- Are the class sizes large and crowded or small and intimate? Especially for beginners, smaller class sizes are crucial for starting so students can get individualized assistance when they need it.
  • Notice the flooring used- While it might seem silly, notice the flooring in your dance studio. Is it made for dancing? Dance flooring should be made of smooth, somewhat flexible materials like wood or laminate, never tile.
  • Consider pricing options- You might have to visit a few dance studios in the area to determine pricing averages for the area.
  • Find a studio that has flexible scheduling options- When looking at dance studios, look at their schedules. Are there flexible times? Weekend availabilities? These can all be important in finding a schedule that works for you.

For more information about our dance studio here at Carolina Dance Capital, please give us a call today! We would love to help answer any questions you might have.