3 Things to Look for in a Child Dance Studio

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Dance is a fun hobby for a child of most any age. Starting young, children enjoy movement and finding a creative outlet for all that energy can be beneficial for both child and parent! If you are looking for a place for your tiny dancer, you know that you want to find the right child dance studio where they can blossom. Here at Carolina Dance Capital, we have a few things that you should look for in any child dance studio for a positive experience.

features to look for in a child dance studio

  1. Small class sizes. When your child is able to experience a child dance studio that has smaller class sizes, they are able to gain more from the instruction and feel more confident to take risks in their movements. Your child will be able to have more one-on-one time with the instructor, be able to ask questions, and in general, be able to form a sense of comradery with their classmates.
  2. Experienced teachers. There are some excellent teachers out there, and many of them are excellent because they have been purified through the fires of experience in teaching! Teaching isn’t easy and not all great dancers make for great teachers. Finding experienced teachers increases your child’s chances of enjoying the class.
  3. Different types of classes. Just because your child is obsessed with ballet at this point in time doesn’t mean that in a year or two, they won’t want to change! Instead of changing studios, find a studio that offers different types of classes for them to try.

These are just some examples of features to look for in a child dance studio. Tell us more about what you’d like to see from a child dance studio here at Carolina Dance Capital.