Tap Dance Classes, Weddington, NC

We are located a short 15 minutes from Weddington, so accessing our tap dance classes is easy and convenient.

Tap Dance Classes in Weddington, North CarolinaDo you have a child who loves percussion?  Is it hard to keep them silent and still when rhythm is involved?  If so, we’ve got the perfect solution for your woes.  That solution is to enroll your percussion-loving child in our tap dance classes at Carolina Dance Capital.

Our instructors are trained, certified and experienced, which is ideal for helping your student increase their awareness of rhythm and how to harness it through our tap dance classes.  Additionally, your child will receive individualized instruction, thanks to our small class sizes.  Tap is an excellent type of dance to learn because it increases strength and flexibility and enhances the skills of focusing and mental clarity.  It also provides a great outlet for percussive rhythm pounding.  One of the best things about our tap dance classes is that they are offered in our state-of-the-art facility, which means you can rest easy, knowing that your child will be safe as they dance.

For more information on tap dance classes we offer, or if you have questions about our dance studio, come in and visit our facility.  We are located a short 15 minutes from Weddington, North Carolina, so accessing our tap dance classes is easy and convenient.  Better yet, you can go shopping, grab a bite to eat, or discover what’s new on the entertainment scene while you wait for your child to finish class.  If you’d rather observe your child, we offer our safe venue dance classes, where you can busily work on your projects in another area of the same room where your child is dancing.  Our tap dance classes are worth it– come in and check us out today!

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