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dance classes Many parents want to get their children involved in some type of classes early on, but wonder which is best for their child’s personality and interests. Some children are naturally more outgoing or energetic, while others are quiet or shy in front of other people. A shy personality does not a bad dancer make.  In fact, there are many types of dance classes that might appeal specifically to your shy child—or to your energetic child, or that child in-between. Even big burly football players can benefit from ballet classes because they help their agility and strength. So, before you rule out dancing, thinking your child won’t like the limelight, let’s discuss just a few ways dance classes might be just what your child needs.

For one, dance classes are a wonderful way to interact with other children in a safe space.  They are all dressed in a similar manner so that no one stands out, and there is a feeling of comradery built-in from day one. Being a part of a team or dance family is a wonderful way for a child to feel a part of something and also a wonderful place to build a sense of accomplishment through the new steps and sequences they learn to master.

For a shy child, it can be wonderful to allow any of our various dance classes to be a place to come a little out of their shell and try something new, together with others who are also beginners. We’ve known some shy hip-hop dancers, as well as outgoing ballet dancers. Group classes allow children to move together while also giving some time to shine individually. A bit of a boost to a child’s confidence can come through their increased ability to express themselves without the need of words.

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