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We live in a world that constantly proves to us that more of a good thing isn’t always better, so when your child asks if they can take two child dance lessons a week instead of just one, your first thought may be not to overdo a good thing. The reality is that adding a second one could be more beneficial than you might think. Go ahead and say yes – here’s why:

Why Two Child Dance Lessons are Better Than One

  • Different Experience – If your child is only getting one class a week, they may have the same teacher all the time. By adding a second class, they can see that instructors all have their own style and may do things a bit differently. This can open a new world to your child and allow them to develop new skills while adding excitement to what could have started to feel a bit boring. If they are asking for second child dance lessons, it could very well be because they are experiencing some boredom.
  • Extra Practice – In order to become the best at whichever dance type your child is passionate about, they need plenty of practice. Getting in a second lesson will mean more progress but isn’t so much more than they’ll risk injury or getting burned out. Again, if your child is asking, they are ready.
  • Add a Different Dance Style – Being exposed to more than one dance style is often a good thing. Each style requires different moves and provides different advantages to the body. Taking child dance lessons in one style can often help the progress in the other. Also, it may be that your child will find out another style is more to their liking.

We have wide variety of dance styles offered here at Carolina Dance Capital so that your child can enjoy the child dance lessons that most appeal to them. We understand that the decision to add a second class depends on your child’s interest level and also their age, so if you need advice about whether to proceed, don’t hesitate to consult with us.