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When school lets out for the summer, your child may be thinking that dance training should take a bit of a break too. They envision lazy days at the pool, camping with friends, sleepovers, family vacations, and all the other things that make summer so much fun. Here is why you might want to encourage them to continue their dance training throughout summer break:

Why Dance Training Should Continue Through the Summer

  • They can focus on perfecting their craft. During the school year, your child is juggling dance training and schoolwork. During the summer, they can just dance without the distractions of tests and homework.
  • Avoid backsliding. The last thing you or your child wants to do is undo what they’ve already accomplished. Going a few weeks without dance training can really set them back a bit. At least be sure to keep up with enough training to avoid that from happening.
  • Jump ahead. Using the summer to advance and improve technique is a real plus in competitive dance. Getting a leg up with summer dance training can give your child an advantage over those who did take the summer off.
  • Try something new. The extra time available during the summer is the perfect time to try a new style of dance or enjoy a summer dance camp with their friends. Taking on more during the school year can be more stressful, but summer will let them have fun and see what direction they may want to go in the future.
  • Just have fun! Who says dance training can’t be a fun summer activity? Just remind your child how much they love it and explain that they’d really miss it if they dropped for the summer.

Here at Carolina Dance Capital, we continue all our dance training classes during the summer, as well as hold dance camps which are ideal for young children looking to fill some free time. Our list of summer camp classes changes each year, so watch our website for next year’s lineup. The class schedule, enrollment form, and other information is also listed.