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Child Dance Studio It’s no secret that every parent wants the best possible options for their own child. When it comes to schools, parents will ask around about teachers, research test scores, and interact regularly with teachers to ensure a positive school experience. However, if you are new to the world of dance and your child wants to start lessons, do you know what to look for in a child dance studio? Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re exploring your child dance studio options.

  1. Low child-to-teacher ratio. Many dance studios will try to pack their classes in order to turn a profit, banking on the fact that some children will not attend every class. While this does allow for these studios to charge slightly less per child, your child most likely will not receive the amount of individualized attention they would in a smaller class size. Small class sizes can be extremely beneficial if your child is shy or timid about showing their skills.
  2. Experience working with children. While many dance instructors have experience, not all of them have experience working with children. Any teacher can tell you that teaching adults is an entirely different experience compared to teaching children, and you will want a child dance studio instructor who understands and is capable of children’s unique needs.
  3. High teacher training levels. Even if your child has no desire to be a professional dancer, progression of their skills can teach them patience, perseverance, and hard work. It’s important that your child is taught by a teacher who has the proper training to not only enable your child to have fun with and enjoy the child dance studio experience, but also to progress.
  4. Safety. Parents, go with your instincts when it comes to safety. Take the time to meet your child’s instructors beforehand and make sure you feel comfortable with them and with the studio’s safety features.

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