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1537670210-Belly Dance ClassesBelly dance classes are becoming increasingly popular across the country.  This art form, called Raqs Sharqi, finds its roots in Eastern cultures.  Guests at weddings and other celebratory events often engage in belly dance as a social event.  It is also performed on stage by professional dancers, though this seems to be a western practice.

Perhaps the increase in popularity of belly dance classes comes from the benefits this style of dance has to offer.  Belly dance is a whole body workout that can increase your muscular strength and stamina.  By increasing the flexibility of your spine and back, you may improve your posture considerably.  Also working to improve your posture are the hip rolls and circles; these work to increase back strength and relieve pressure on disks, joints, and ligaments.

The gentle movement and rhythm found in belly dance classes can also help reduce your stress.  Concentrating on movement and music can help you forget about worries and release tension in your body.   You’re also getting a great exercise to aid with a healthy lifestyle or any weight loss goals you may have.

Try this new and exotic workout and see what other benefits belly dancing has to offer you.  Come to Carolina Dance Capital for an experience with Lotus Belly Dance.  For more information, contact Iona Wilson at 980-428-6396 or info@Lotus-Studios.com.