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Tap Dance Classes in Matthews, North CarolinaIf you ask a tap dancer where they find the greatest sense of satisfaction, they will most likely answer that it comes in that instant when your rhythm meshes with the beat of the song and everything is spot on.  They will probably say that there’s nothing quite like tapping out a complex rhythm with your feet.  If you have a child that loves the intricacies of rhythm and has a healthy regard for percussive sounds, you should consider enrolling them in tap dance classes.  Tap dance classes are a great way to release energy, build the mind and increase the skills of your child.

As an illustration of what we’re talking about, check out this video created by Christopher Rice and his team of tap dance masters.

Do you notice the percussive rhythm of the shoes tapping out cadences?  Each tap is timed perfectly to go along with the music.  Observe the use of syncopation and the effect it has on the entire performance.  As you watch the way that the dancers’ feet move, all in perfect unity, pounding out every rhythm with precision, think of the amount of concentration and rehearsal necessary to pull off such a brilliant performance.  Imagine the amazing brain connections that are made as the tap dance routine is performed in perfect harmony with the music.

If watching this tap dance video has opened your mind to the benefits of tap dance classes, triggering the thought that your child would truly enjoy the challenge, consider checking out our selection of classes at Carolina Dance Capital.  We have skilled instructors and small class sizes, which means your child will be given personalized instruction, allowing them to hone their skills.  If your child would truly love to become a tap dance master, contact us.  We can assist them in turning their dreams into realities.