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Tap Dance ClassesTap dance is the art of making sounds and pounding out rhythms with your feet.  If you’ve ever watched classic movies, you know that there are a number of early movie stars who used tap dance in their films.  Some of the most famous include Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Shirley Temple, and Sandman Sims.  While all of these are stars of the past, tap dance is still alive and well today.  Modern day tap artists include Gregory Oliver Hines, Savion Glover and Dulé Hill.  Regardless of the era of tap dance you prefer, you know that the way they move their feet didn’t happen accidentally.  In fact, getting the tap moves precisely to match up with specific musical rhythms takes years of tap dance classes.

If you are impressed with the way professional tap dancers can pound out rhythms with their feet and are excited about being able to do the same thing, you should consider taking tap dance classes from a reputable tap dance studio.  Not only can tap dance classes help you learn to express emotions through your footwork, but they can also assist you in your quest to become physically and emotionally healthier.  Tap dance improves your emotional health, through the release of positive endorphins, which lift your spirits.  It is also full of movement, which means that you are exercising and becoming more fit, even though dancing may not feel like exercise.

When you are ready to look into tap dance classes that will boost your health and confidence, come in and visit us at Carolina Dance Capital.  Our tap dance instructors are highly trained and dedicated to helping you reach your tap dance goals.  We look forward to meeting you!