Important Qualities in a Dance Instructor

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When your child is left in the care of someone else, you want to be sure that person is watching over them to the best of their ability, allowing them to grow but providing them proper support. This is also true when you entrust your child to a dance instructor. Being a qualified dance instructor takes more than just being a talented dancer. There are several important qualities we look for when choosing dance instructors for our studio:

  • Passion – Dancing is fun, but it takes discipline and hard work. Our instructors have a passion for dance that they pass on to our dancers, inspiring them to work through the difficulties because they love what they do.

Important Qualities in a Dance Instructor

  • Purpose – We want all of our instructors to have each dancer’s best interests at heart. They’re not just there to earn a paycheck, but to pass on valuable skills and see the progress their students can gain under their tutelage.
  • Patience – Instructors of any type need to be patient. We understand that all students learn at different speeds and have good and bad days, so we expect our instructors to be patient with each child as they learn and take on new skills.
  • Education – Proper training is important so that our students can learn correct form and master multiple disciplines of dance.
  • Professionalism – We expect our instructors to treat all students, parents, and other instructors with a high level of grace and professionalism.
  • Attitude – We strive to promote self-worth, confidence, and teamwork while still having fun. Each instructor understands and believes in this purpose.

When you want to be sure your child is working with a dance instructor who truly cares about them and will put in the time and effort to help your dancer succeed, come to us at Carolina Dance Capital.