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floor gymnastics Floor gymnastics are a great way to improve your child’s dancing by strengthening their body and increasing their flexibility and balance.  The skills they will be taught and gain will easily transfer over into making your child a better dancer. Proper strength and flexibility can also prevent injury in dance and because of this, floor gymnastics are for those interested in dance.

Beyond the skills gained, floor gymnastics can also be fun. One of the things that makes taking our small group classes so great is not only the ability of our staff to provide specialized attention and care for each child, but also the ability for the children to better get to know the other students in the class.  These recreation classes soon begin to feel like a close family of friends. Just like our recreation classes for specific styles of dance, our floor gymnastics classes also boast a fun family atmosphere. It’s hard to share such frequent association, together working towards the same goals, and not build a foundation of friendship.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include true injury prevention floors. The floor mats provide cushion as your child learns and practices increasing their floor skills. We take safety and injury prevention seriously, and that is why we have designed our facilities to better serve you and your children. Overall, we gear our floor gymnastics program to helping build stronger dancers through proper safety and skill with a dash of fun and family feeling.