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dance studioDid you know that the floor in your dance studio could help prevent injuries?  This is important information for a dancer because you definitely want to think of your safety.  Specially engineered floors have been created to soften the impact while dancing; you want to make sure you choose a dance studio that makes use of these great floors, like us at Carolina Dance Capital!

Here’s what to look for:

Sprung Floor: These floors have a layer of support, usually made of foam or rubber, which make the floor more shock-absorbent.  This gives the floor a soft feel and makes it much more desirable for dancing.  Basically, it provides protection for your body if you fall or step incorrectly.  The floor will absorb more of your weight, compared to a hard concrete or wood floor with no support.

Vinyl (Marley) Floor: This refers to the material used for the floor surface.  A dance studio that uses a Marley or vinyl floor has chosen a surface that is non-slip and works with multiple shoe types.  It is a versatile material that can be used for jazz shoes, ballet slippers, and even pointe shoes.  The vinyl provides traction to help prevent slipping.

Our dance studio has both of the features listed above to provide you with the best injury prevention floors possible. Sign up for one of our dance classes today!