Allow Your Dancer to Grow at Our Advanced Dance Studio

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There are many types of dance lessons available for children and each of them have different focuses. There may come a time when your son or daughter has been participating in dance lessons, but then they seem to stop being challenged. If you’re searching for dance opportunities that offer progress and a chance at reaching a greater potential, you’ll want to consider an advanced dance studio.

Allow Your Dancer to Grow at Our Advanced Dance Studio

Here at Carolina Dance Capital, we give our advanced dancers opportunities to grow in several ways:

  • Acceleration – Our instructors are constantly watching beginning and intermediate dancers to see who is ready for promotion. We want each dancer to continually progress and recognize their own ­­­­­­growth.
  • Competition – The hard work and dedication that goes into competitive dance will help your child feel challenged and gain an appreciation for hard work. They also learn to work with others and cheer on teammates as they compete in both team and solo events.
  • Variety of disciplines – With our advanced dance studio, your dancer will learn multiple disciplines, including ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, and more. Each discipline offers unique strengths to diversify the dancer’s experience.
  • Talented instructors – Our competition team instructors are not only skilled dancers themselves, but they are trained teachers who know how to push students in ways that promote self-belief and success. We also provide opportunities to le­­­­arn from guest choreographers to enrich the dancing experience.
  • Positive environment – Our advanced dance studio strives to promote self-worth, teamwork, and high moral standards in a positive, family-friendly environment.

For a fun, positive and well-rounded experience, come check out our advanced dance studio at Carolina Dance Capital.