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tap dance classesTapping is a style of dance that often gets overshadowed by the tutus of ballet or the sparkly sequins of jazz.  Before passing up the tap experience, we think you should look into all of the ways tap dance classes are great.  We’ll now share 5 reasons to enroll in tap dance classes:

  1. It’s Fun! Our number one reason is that tap dance classes are so much fun.  They are usually very high energy classes, and dance combinations are set to upbeat music for a great time.  Find your own styling and relax those feet as you shuffle and tap the class away. Plus, who can resist the awesome experience of making such unique noises with your feet?
  2. No Experience Necessary!  Beginner tap classes are focused on teaching the basics; you do not need any previous dance experience.  Steps can be taught to just about anyone, and it will get easier as you keep it up.
  3. Get a Workout! There is no doubt about it: tapping will definitely get the sweat going.  It is especially strengthening for the legs and feet and requires core strength.
  4. Improve Your Posture, Balance, and Brain. Tapping relies on balance, since you must switch feet quickly and keep your body properly positioned over your feet.  The balance requires good posture, and you will find yourself standing taller as you develop your new skill.  Studies have also shown that learning the rhythms in tap and coordinating your movements with music are great brain exercises.
  5. Relax. Tap dance classes, as we mentioned earlier, are a lot of fun.  Unlike ballet, this is a casual form of dance, and your ankles must be relaxed to achieve the correct sounds with your feet.  Tap dancing can be a stress reliever as you let your body move with the music and express yourself through dance.