What to Wear to Dance Lessons

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Dancing is an enjoyable hobby that many of us love. There are different types to suit every age and every level of desired activity. Here at Carolina Dance Capital, we get a lot of different questions about the types of dance classes that we offer, but one of the most common is what you should wear to your dance lessons. Here is a helpful breakdown to the clothing that is appropriate for certain dance lessons.

what you should wear to your dance lessons

  • Leotard and pink tights. This attire is most appropriate for dance lessons of all types with our younger children, ages 2-8. We designate and differentiate between classes dependent upon the color of leotard, which is available at our studio.
  • T-shirt, shorts, sweats, sneakers. This clothing is for our hip hop dance classes. Hip hop is about moving freely, and comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement is appropriate.
  • Sports bra & shorts with studio t-shirt (if desired). For our dancers ages 9 and upwards, a sports bra and shorts that allow you to move freely are recommended. We also offer CDC attire to go over your sports bra if you so desire to feel more comfortable.
  • Shoes dependent upon dance lesson. When it comes to your shoes, these will be highly variable dependent upon the type of dance lesson you are participating in. At our studio, we have a more detailed list, but you can expect that the more specialty classes, such as ballet, will require ballet shoes and so on.

If you are about to start dance lessons and are nervous about what to wear or want to make sure that your child feels comfortable on their first day, please contact us and we will help get you outfitted!