What Age Should Your Child Start Ballet Dancing?

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Ballet is an art form inspired by the natural movements of the human body. It is one of the most popular types of dance, and if your child has seen a professional ballet dancer perform, there is a good chance they want to start taking ballet lessons.

What Age Should Your Child Start Ballet Dancing?

As a parent, you want your child to have a good experience during their ballet dancing lessons, so you don’t want to start them too early or too late. Generally, at Carolina Dance Capital, we recommend that if your child interacts well with peers, can follow directions from an instructor, and can focus for up to an hour on different dancing activities, they are ready to start ballet lessons.

For the first few years of ballet dancing lessons, your child will wear ballet shoes with soft soles. It is not until your child shows a sustained interest in ballet and is nearing their teenage years that they will be introduced to wearing pointe shoes. We want to make ballet dancing as fun and enjoyable for your child as possible in those first few years, so they develop a love and appreciation for this type of dance.

Even if your child starts ballet dancing at our studio, we have many other classes they can try and explore, so they can learn more about all different types of dance. To sign up your child for a ballet class or learn more about the other classes we offer, contact us today.