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Child Dance LessonsBelieve it or not, not all dance facilities can truly call themselves “family-friendly.” What makes our studio so unique is that we see each member – from lifelong friends to one-time guests – as members of our dance family.  This relationship is so important, especially if your child is joining us for the first time.

When choosing child dance lessons for the first time, we understand it can be a little stressful. You want a facility that will care for your child and keep them safe, and you also need instructors who will make each child feel welcome, loved, and appreciated no matter his/her skill level. Our family-friendly facility is perfect for first-time and beginning dancers of all ages because we take these special concerns into consideration.

  • Safety- Our state-of-the-art facility includes 2-way mirrors, spring-loaded true injury prevention floors, and other amenities that keep young athletes safe from injury.
  • Security- Our building is safely and conveniently located near shopping, restaurants, and entertainment in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our class sizes are small and intimate, so your child is always well looked after. We also offer a class called safe venue, where parents can stay on-site while children participate in their dance lessons nearby.
  • Support- Child dance lessons should make a child feel motivated and inspired to find their own love of dance. A child should never feel embarrassed or discouraged by their skill level or ability. Our instructors and staff take extra care in helping each child feel fully supported as they grow in dance.