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Dance StudioThere are a number of health benefits that dancing can provide to people of all fitness and skill levels. Even first-time dancers can enjoy benefits, such as improved heart and lung health, increased muscle tone and strength, weight management, better aerobic fitness, and stronger bones that can lessen the risk of osteoporosis. Young women and girls who participate in dance also have improved self-esteem over those who don’t participate in any sports or activities. At Carolina Dance Capital, our dance studio offers classes for people who are just starting out in recreational dance, as well as options for competitive dancers.

The recreational classes offered at our dance studio are fun for people of all ages. We offer various styles of dance classes, such as tap dancing, lyrical dance, hip hop, jazz, belly dancing, and more. 

We offer many recreational classes at our dance studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. Competitive dancers who attend competition classes can also participate in recreational classes. Our dance studio has two-way observation windows, so parents can stick around and watch their children having fun during a class. We also use high-quality equipment and spring loaded dance floors, and we have experienced staff members to promote safety during each class. Contact us today to learn more about the classes we offer and to sign up for the class of your choice!