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Lyrical Dance LessonsYou know that feeling that you get when one of your favorite songs comes on the radio.  Perhaps it is the song you and your significant other first danced to and you are filled with fond memories, or perhaps it is a song that has a fantastic beat and is perfect for lifting your spirits on a dark day.  Whatever your connection to the music is, when you hear your treasured songs, you feel happier.  Perhaps this is why you begin to feel like dancing, which is a good thing since dancing releases positive endorphins and can turn a drab day into a delightful one.  Not only is dancing good for your emotions, but it is also a great way to stay healthy and fit.

If you crave a style of dance that is able to convey the emotions you feel when you are dancing to your favorite music, consider taking lyrical dance lessons.  Lyrical dance lessons combine ballet and jazz dance moves to create a unique, expressive style of dance.  When you learn this style of dance, you are better able to communicate the emotions that you feel through movement.

To learn more about lyrical dance lessons and the benefits they offer, come in and visit us at Carolina Dance Capital.  We are available to answer any questions that you may have.  Our class sizes are small, so our trained instructors can have more time to work with you on an individual basis.  Let us help you tell your story through dance!