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dancing Dancing can improve a lot of things. For instance, it can increase strength, flexibility, balance, and reading of rhythm. It can also work your memory and boost your energy and serotonin levels. On top of all these things, dancing from a young age can also give a boost to your child’s self-confidence.

When a child is modeled new tasks to learn, coached through them, but ultimately allowed to try for themselves and to see how their hard work and practice pays off, it can lead them to see themselves as capable and able to accomplish hard things.  This sense of capability and accomplishment helps a child feel more confident. Learning a new dance move or routine takes time and practice. After trying and making mistakes, continued practice will yield a payoff because they’ll see their own progress and feel that sense of accomplishment knowing that they can learn and do new or hard things.  Dancing really is a wonderful activity for a child to learn new skills in a safe environment and to see themselves succeed with work.

Beyond that sense of accomplishment, dance classes also provide a place of acceptance. A dance class is a wonderful place to make friends for life.  As children grow in their dancing abilities, they will do so alongside and with the help of their classmates. The dance family becomes just one more place they feel accepted and appreciated.

Dancing from a young age allows children to feel that sense of accomplishment and acceptance early on, and provides even more years to grow in their skills. This, in turn, can lead to greater confidence and surety in their own abilities.