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Beginner Dance Classes If you were born with a love of music, or have developed one over the course of your lifetime, you know that along with the love of music comes a desire to move to your favorite songs.  When your song comes on the radio, you are seized with the crazy impulse to sing and dance, expressing all of the feelings that are unleashed through your connection to that particular tune.  While jamming out to your favorite songs is liberating, occasionally you may feel the craving to get a little more complex in your moves, and maybe get a bit of dance training so you can really groove.

If you have ever had the desire to start dance classes, the good news is that there are beginner dance classes available for all ages.  That means that if you are a novice in the world of recreational dance, you can find a class that will meet your needs.  Beginner dance classes start with the basics and get progressively more complex as you advance in skill level.  These dance classes are offered in many different genres.  Some of the most popular are:

  • Ballet: Classical style of dance that teaches poise and is great for improving posture.
  • Tap: Use your feet to make sounds and rhythms—provides an excellent workout.
  • Jazz: This style combines ballet and expressive movement and is a great way to increase flexibility.
  • Hip Hop: If you enjoy street style dancing, this is the dance style for you.  It focuses on using rhythm and coordination and is an awesome way to dance to popular tunes.
  • Lyrical: Express your interpretation of the lyrics of a song using a combination of ballet and jazz moves.  This style is a great choice if you like to create your own choreography.

As you can see, there are many different options of beginner dance classes to choose from. Whether you or your child is looking to excel, just wants to dance for fun, or wants to be healthier, at Carolina Dance Capital, we have a class that will meet your needs.  Come in and visit us today!